Saturday, March 4, 2017

Wisdom of the cacti; fortitude in the desert

Saguaro Cactus
Lately I've had a fascination with the cacti. It's a little out of my element since I'm more of a flower lover and although some cacti do have flowers I've just never really considered them to be in the floral category. These prickly plants have never captivated my attention that much before so I've sought to learn a little bit more about them.

The cacti is a plant which protects itself with a prickly exterior although not all are covered in it head to toe. There are many shapes and variations, some also vary in color. Not all are green, but can be hues of pink and purple. Some cacti are succulents and vice versa but not all succulents are cacti. The cacti is misunderstood! Cacti are slow growers however the cacti grow more roots than other plants in order to store water when it rains. These roots will eventually shrivel up when they are not needed. This allows for the cacti to store energy. The cacti is a very efficient plant.

The cacti is a plant of fortitude and endurance. It is this way because it must be able to withstand very harsh desert conditions. When I thought about this and how the cacti is associated with the desert, I began to find similarities with my clients, myself, those with pending goals and life in general.

There is a time when all is fruitful, when the rain comes to provide nourishment and growth. But there are dry, hot and difficult times, and this is why the cacti plant holds water and stores energy. Thus is the same, in not the exact way but perhaps a spiritual way, for those seeking to achieve their goals.

Prepping the mind and body for the potential struggles ahead, the journey can at times be very arduous. Working to achieve your goals however big or small can leave you feeling like you are in a desert at times. However there are beautiful flowers in bounty and forgiving sun rays ahead. Can you persevere through the difficult times? The times when you feel like there is no more hope?

The cactus understands this process naturally. There is no thinking I should prepare, the cactus prepares as its natural biological process. In some ways we also naturally prepare for things. Yet in so many other ways there is too much thinking, rationalizing and analyzing.

There is a proper place for this yet too much thought can lead to burnout and the goals never get accomplished. Maybe perhaps this is why the cacti is made to naturally do these things. If he thought too much, the cactus would be no more! Harsh conditions would come and due to his negligence, he wouldn't have any water to drink.

We can learn from the cacti. We can see how a mere plant holds within its very being a naturally-occurring intelligence. Through this we come to realize the same potential within ourselves. And we can use this as our preparation for the potential harsh conditions ahead. The cactus is a realist.

The cactus rules!