Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Magnificent Healing Power of Tea around The World

Chamomile Tea is known to reduce cancer cells.

In many cultures and areas of the world, tea is an essential part of everyday life. Tea is seen as not only a social opportunity, but used as a pivotal aspect of health and well-being. In India, chai tea is commonly drank and mixed with a little milk and other spices. In Japan, matcha green tea is used as a sacred ceremony. In China they are known as the tea dynasty, since the leaf was originally discovered here. In parts of Europe most specifically Britain, Tea is a common social drink and necessity as coffee is to the United States. Here's a closer look at tea around the globe:

  • India: The land of Chai tea.
  • Japan: The matcha ceremony.
  • Morocco: Mint tea, the heart of the culture.
  • New Zealand: The “tea-break”
  • USA: The tea explosion. (for such a variety of teas)
  • Thailand: A very trendy tea.
  • Britain: Classic afternoon tea.
  • Russia: Zavarka for guests. (very concentrated brew)
  • China: The tea dynasty. 


Personally I enjoy both tea and coffee. Since I do have sensitivity to caffeine, tea is often a great choice since there is less caffeine and provides more health benefits. I will often drink half-caffeinated coffee or chai tea in the mornings, and green or white tea in the evening.

I use a tea infuser cup which can be easily found online. I place loose leaf tea leaves in a mini strainer which is inserted in the cup. I then poor boiling water (not too hot for green tea otherwise it will affect the taste) after a few minutes of brewing (depending on the type of tea) it's ready! I like loose leaf tea because it is so rich in flavor and the process of making the tea is also enjoyable. Loose leaf tea in an infuser cup or tea pot, is the freshest option next to a traditional tea ceremony, where much attention is given to how the tea is prepared and served.

If you are not yet a tea drinker I'd hope to encourage you to add it to your daily routine after reading this article. Tea provides so many health and wellness benefits it would most assuredly take me hours to write and explain them all fully. So instead, I will provide you an info-graphic with some great benefits and the types of tea you can enjoy:

As the above article states, tea has many healing benefits for those with diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, stroke recovery, prevention of cavities, infections and so on. Tea also boosts the metabolism, may protect skin from damage, provides mental alertness yet also calms the body, and is overall just a great drink with or without its amazing healing benefits.

Even if you don't happen to want or own a tea infuser, the leaves in tea sachets will also provide many benefits. Just heat up some water and place your tea packet in your cup, add some honey for taste or agave if it's your preference. Add a little milk (mostly for black teas) to boost flavor for those more prone to drinking coffee. Tea sachets are a quick and easy way to enjoy tea on the go!

If you are already a believer in the power of tea, good for you! If not I'd encourage you to try it out, after all it wont do you any harm. I will leave you with a tasty spiced masala (traditional Indian chai) tea recipe. Cheers!